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ALL Volunteer Training Night

By Luke Simmons in Redemption Gateway almost 6 years ago | 1790 views
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If you ever volunteer on Sunday, please join us for this training event on Wednesday, May 18th from 6:30-8:00pm. We will have childcare.

This will be especially important to help you get acquainted with the building and where you can get the resources you need to effectively serve.

NOTE: If you already RSVP’d, would you do us a favor and do it again? We prematurely cancelled the last notice.

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Discussion about this event

Tina Brown on 05/13/2011

Will be there : ).

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Rochelle Billeter on 05/13/2011

WOW….I’ll be there!

Sheri Finlayson on 05/13/2011

taylor will help with Childcare and we will have 2 other kids, Emma 8, Sarah 7

Mandy Lewis on 05/13/2011

I will be there with the kids Chloe 4,  Caleb 10, Cameron 8. Wade will be out of town for work.

La Donna Blakemore on 05/13/2011

We’ll be there with Mark 4, Emma 2

Ashley Gaskill on 05/13/2011

Aaron and I will be there, and so will Paisley 2.

Linda Lau on 05/13/2011

We will be there.

Terri Kutchera on 05/13/2011

We’ll be there! 1 adult, 2 kids

Ellen Marrs on 05/14/2011

Graesen – 6, Peyton – 4, Leo - 2, Jack – 1 (Non Walker)

Susan Schmersahl on 05/14/2011

We’ll have Caleb (10 mos, non walker)

Kt Ekstrand on 05/14/2011

Jeff, Kt and Damion will attend training. We need child care for Sebastian 11 

Rochelle Billeter on 05/14/2011

Savannah – 7

Marissa – 5

Both kids are walkers

Jennifer Ruddell on 05/14/2011

sorry, could come when it was monday:(

Cassie Bates on 05/14/2011

Yes! The Bates team will be there!!

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La Donna Blakemore on 05/14/2011

Mark – 4,  Emma – 2

Linda Lau on 05/14/2011

Caleb 8
Luke 5

Etelka Hendrickson on 05/14/2011

Audrey 5

Sophia 6

Kristie Braselton on 05/15/2011

Bethany 6

Harper 5

Benjamin 3

Judah 10 mos

Tomi Guile on 05/15/2011

Max 8

Evan 5

Cooper 3

Melissa Trottier on 05/15/2011

Shannon 11 (she can help if needed)

Ben 6

Ken McWilliams on 05/15/2011

Colton 5

Marcus 8

Kira 9

Kenzie 12 (can help with childcare if needed.)

Eloy Garza on 05/15/2011

I will be there with Malachi 9 and Evan 7

Kirticia Jarrett on 05/15/2011

Alex  – 3

Robbin Howey on 05/15/2011

Jim and I will be there.

Presley -6


Reagan -9

Rylie – 11 (can help with childcare)

Kevin -12 (can help with childcare)

Kyla – 14 (can help with childcare)

Joanna Banta on 05/15/2011

Stephen and I will be there.

John- 6

Rebecca -4

Alex Murray on 05/15/2011

Paul, Jacob, and I will be there.

Brian Frahm on 05/15/2011

Brian will be there

Carter – 2, and Rylie – 6 will be bouncing :)

Cheri Horn on 05/15/2011

Robert and I will be there

Ashley 7

Tamara Dirks on 05/15/2011

John and I  will be there

Kyle 13

Kristelle 11

Darcy Wilcoxson on 05/15/2011

Geoffrey, Darcy , Sean and Jakob will all be there 

Kyra (10) and Ryan (7) will be bouncing

Heidi Hensel on 05/16/2011

Brian and I will be there.

Bouncing kids:

Nathan (11, could help if needed), Abigail (9), Lydia (8), Caleb (5)

Rochelle Billeter on 05/16/2011

Do we need to just bring the waiver wtih us? Or turn it in before?

Ellen Marrs on 05/16/2011

Rochelle – just bring the waiver with you…and don’t forget socks!



Kristi Beeman on 05/16/2011

Keith and I will be there.

Seth 9, Josiah 7, possibly Micah 17-can help with childcare.

Sandy Billingsley on 05/16/2011

I will be there, Lexi and Jake will stay for training, Sophie (9) will be a jumper!

Velma Rohn on 05/17/2011

Ken and I will be there with our kiddos

Jackson, 5

Tatum, 3

Zachary, 11 mo.

Jodi Ronalds on 05/18/2011

Adam and I will be there with the kids…

Jordyn 4, Jake 2, and Josh 4 mo.

Matt Kendall on 05/18/2011

Lindsey and I will be there.  Karalynn will stay with us.

Owen – 10

Ray – 8

Gilbert – 7

Duncan – 7

Rochelle Billeter on 05/18/2011

Do we bring the kids directly to the Bounce place or to the CHURCH BUILDING (how cool does that sound?)?

May 18
6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
8743 E. Pecos Rd. Suite 112
Mesa AZ 85212
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174 people
are coming
Julie Gilmore (2)

Kate Schaumburg (1)

Eric Schaumburg (1)

Ashley Stockton (1)

Matt Kendall (7)

Jodi Ronalds (5)

Melea Wheeler (5)

Matthew Scott (1)

Ron Horn (1)

Caliana Martinez (1)

Molly Scott (2)

Paul Murray (3)

Kari Peterson (1)

Emily Puckett (2)

Sandy Billingsley (3)

Bonnie Jolly (2)

Jenny Chacko (2)

Michael (Mike) Adams (2)

Stacy Claycomb (1)

Kristi Beeman (5)

Heidi Hensel (6)

Alex Hendrickson (1)

Dale Thackrah (1)

Kristi Kyler (2)

Valentyna Kelley (1)

Rob Brown (4)

Darcy Wilcoxson (6)

Cheri Horn (2)

Tamara Dirks (4)

Eloy Garza (3)

Keith Pace (2)

Alex Murray (3)

Robbin Howey (8)

Lorna Christie (2)

Kirticia Jarrett (3)

Jodi Dennis (4)

Joanna Banta (4)

Ken McWilliams (6)

Tomi Guile (1)

Gini Larsen (3)

Etelka Hendrickson (1)

Linda Lau (5)

Cassie Bates (1)

Cheryle Rowe (1)

Kt Ekstrand (3)

Susan Schmersahl (3)

Ellen Marrs (6)

Diane Chan (1)

Lexi Billingsley (1)

(Edward) Murph Murphy (2)

Quinn Horn (1)

Roxanne Fryling (2)

Terri Kutchera (3)

Ashley Gaskill (3)

La Donna Blakemore (1)

Steve Mitchell (1)

Barbara Campbell (2)

Mandy Lewis (4)

Todd Johnson (2)

Alan Finlayson (1)

Sheri Finlayson (4)

Marta Sanborn (2)

Rochelle Billeter (1)

Patti Andress (2)

Brian Frahm (3)

Luke Simmons (4)

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